header1NLGSeries is a media production company focused on competitive gaming. We have been to the biggest international events and being big esports fans we offer a lot of knowledge in this field. Thanks to this experience we are able to identify the ideal personalities, events and story lines to give our contractor the product he wants in a timely fashion. Our personal mantra is quality over quantity. A product is not finished until our client is happy with the result.

header2Esports is currently  experiencing a huge growth in players, viewer numbers and prize pools. Paired with this growth come many great opportunities in marketing. The esports community is very engaged with its athletes and events, opening a huge market for all sorts of brands to reach out to. For example, a professionally made mini-documentary about a popular player is able to garner a lot of  attention and viewership. Effectively expanding your brand within the young-adult filled esport community.

header3We specialize mainly in mini-documentaries, after movies, esports photography, concepting and storytelling. Our experience with the big online hubs of esports like Reddit, as well as talking with a lot of fans about our products have taught us what the viewer wants. You tell us what you want to achieve with the production (e.g. brand expansion) and together we decide what approach is best.

header4Scalability is one of our biggest strengths. Our company thrives on its stable core and many major connections with people in the industry. This allows us to form the perfect team for specific jobs, whether you need a single esport photographer or a production team for a commercial. We are very experienced when it comes to production equipment. From DSLR to RED, whichever suits your needs we can shoot with it.